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Dr John Dean

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We are pleased to announce our candidate for Central Devon, consultant cardiologist Dr John Dean.


Controversial Devon doctor to stand for National Health Action Party in Central Devon 

Devon is one of three areas of England to have been designated an NHS 'success regime', which means they are considered to be failing completely and will be subject to stringent cuts to make them meet their financial targets.


So we are especially pleased to have Dr John Dean standing in Central Devon at the general election to champion our principles for driving privatisation and financially motivated 'transformation' out of the NHS.


In 2015 Dr Dean was in the news over his views on private practice, "No matter how high I set my own moral and ethical standards, I could not escape the fact that I was involved in a business for which the conduct of some involved was so venal it bordered on criminal - the greedy preying on the needy," he wrote.


In 2017 Dr Dean is angry that the Devon hospitals can be capable of producing high standards of care but that that is considered less important than their financial targets which they cannot meet. The NHS has to earn its money in ways that advantage metropolitan areas over rural ones and which will see rural services badly cut as a result, no matter how much they are needed.


Dr John Dean's personal statement

I have watched the progressive decline in the NHS with dismay. It is at breaking point and in danger of disintegration. In my 38 years of NHS employment, I have never witnessed staff morale so low.

As a physician, passionately committed to the NHS, I simply cannot stand by idly and allow this to happen.

I have worked as a consultant cardiologist in Exeter and lived in Central Devon constituency since 1995. I am the South West peninsula representative for the Royal College of Physicians. I am a member of Doctors for the NHS. I regularly write comment pieces for the BMJ and Western Morning News on health related matters.

Despite being the world’s fifth richest nation, the UK spends 25% less on health than our European neighbours. Is this because we in the UK care 25% less about our health service? I think not.

Unless decisive action is taken, I fear we might see the NHS vanish altogether.

I have made a career in medicine, not politics, and this puts me in a strong position to be the advocate for patients in the political arena.

I am proud to be a member of the National Health Action Party and honoured to have been chosen to represent them in the 2017 general election.