Facts At Your Fingertips

Our members and supporters often ask us for facts and supporting evidence. As a result, we developed a library of information to help you campaign effectively. We want our information to be up-to-date and relevant, so we're currently in the process of reviewing and updating our Facts pages. In the meantime we've included some resources and answers to common questions below.



The following are based on talks given by NHA Party members. As with all our website content, these are covered by the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 International License.

  • NHS past and future, by Dr Helen Salisbury - A very accessible overview of the NHS from its founding to current issues such as ACOs, workforce shortages, privatisation, highlighting key legislation and political issues.
  • Internal borders, Brexit and the NHS, by Dr Veronika Wagner - A talk for the 2018 Unite conference on particular issues for migrant women, Brexit, and access to services including the NHS


Privatisation and privatisers

  • NHS privatisation exposed - research by the NHA and Public Matters, as published in an exclusive article in The Independent (Links will be added soon).
  • Institute for Economic Affairs - we detail the true character of this 'think tank' that supports full NHS privatisation (Links will be added soon).


Frequently Asked Questions