Long Covid Seminar

Long Covid Seminar



The National Health Action party is pleased to announce 

Health Action Seminar from 6.45 pm to 8pm on Wednesday 15th June, 2022. 


Topic: Long Covid     


Speaker: Dr Deepti Gurdasani

Dr Gurdasani is a leading epidemiologist and geneticist. She has an international reputation for the study of many infectious diseases, with publications in Nature, Science, The Lancet and other top international journals. Most recently, she has made important contributions in the study of Long Covid.



Long Covid is a term for symptoms that occur some time after the initial Covid-19 infection. So far, over two hundred symptoms have been catalogued for Long Covid, though not all occur in all individuals. Symptoms have been recorded in all organs in the body. What can we conclude about the future prevalence and persistence of Long Covid symptoms, and what policies can we put in place to minimise their occurrence and their effects? Could the UK government do better in its approach to Long Covid? 


Notes on the meeting


Zoom will open at 6.30pm to allow admission for a 6.45 pm start. The seminar will start promptly at that time. After introductions, the speaker will speak between 20 and 30 minutes, during which the only questions will be for clarification. Questions from the audience will fill the rest of the hour, followed by a vote of thanks from the Chair. At the end of the hour, microphones will be unmuted for discussion by members of the audience.    


How to join the meeting


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