Women’s equality

Our policies on healthcare, the economy, housing, and education indicate our ambition to drive down social inequalities by tackling the root causes. The continued existence of gender inequality in Britain today is also of great cause for concern, with symptoms such as the 18% gender pay gap and the male domination of executive level boards.


Recognising parental roles

  • The two-child policy and the outrageous ‘rape clause’ for child benefits must be ended.
  • Shared parental leave, including 9 months statutory pay, should be available to all, including the self-employed and regardless of gender.
  • Statutory maternity pay and allowances must at least be the equivalent of a Living Wage.
  • Free universal childcare should be provided and children’s centres should be re-established throughout the country.


Equality in the workplace

  • Employers who support flexible working and job sharing should be encouraged via tax benefits.
  • Carers should be provided with a paid leave allowance from their workplace, with protections against redundancy.
  • Reporting on gender pay gaps should be extended to all organisations with 50 employees or more.


 Sanitary protection

  • The ‘tampon tax’, which treats sanitary items as luxury goods, must end.
  • Free basic sanitary protection should be available to minors who cannot otherwise afford it.