Prime Minister Resignation

Prime Minister Resignation

NHAP Press Release on Boris Johnsons Resignation  


The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has resigned as the Leader of the Conservative Party but not as Prime Minister. He has indicated that he will remain as a caretaker Prime Minister and not stand down until a new leader has been chosen by Conservative Party members, expected to be in October this year.


We call on the Parliamentary Conservative Party in the House of Commons immediately to conduct a vote of confidence in the current Prime Minister by secret ballot. Should this vote indicate that the current Prime Minister does not have the confidence of Conservative Party MPs, we call on them, within 3 days, to vote on and appoint a caretaker PM until a new PM has been chosen by Conservative Party members. The current PM should not be eligible to stand as caretaker PM, but all other party MPs should be eligible to stand. 

In the interim 3 days, we call on Conservative MPs to appoint Dominic Raab, the Deputy PM, as Acting PM.  

Signed for and on behalf of the National Health Action Party 


Dr Alastair Fischer, Co-Leader of party

Dr Veronika Wagner, Co-Leader of party

Naveen Judah, Ben McNally, David Lawrence, Dr Anne Summers, Steve McNally: members of the National Exec Committee of the NHA Party 


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