NHA Press Release over 'Partygate' - 12th April 2022

The Prime Minister and the Chancellor are due to be issued with fixed penalty notices after they broke Covid-19 lockdown rules in 2020/2021.

Both are on record repeatedly and strenuously denying breaching any Covid-19 lockdown rules, misleading Parliament and the general public.

We call on the Prime Minister and the Chancellor to offer their immediate resignation.

We also call on all conservative voters to contact your Conservative MP and remove both from office.

We call on the authorities to issue fines of an appropriate amount, given that ordinary people were fined thousands of pounds for lockdown breaches.

We call for a complete overhaul of the system of assessing ministerial integrity.

We need a system akin to that in use for medical and nursing regulation where lies and obfuscation after the fact is seen as lack of remorse, aggravating the penalty

You only have to ask yourself 1 question - During the worst part of the Covid Pandemic did you party or did you suffer?

We now have proof the Prime Minister and Chancellor had parties with other Tories while British People suffered!