Our Local Election Candidates 2015

Our Local Election Candidates 2015

Krystyna Mikula Deegan - ERDINGTON WARD


Krystyna is from Erdington, born and bred. She attended the Abbey RC Primary School and Erdington Grammar School for Girls. She has taught in our local schools. She is part of the ‘Save Good Hope’s Local Services’ Campaign Team. She loves her home town and is fighting to protect it.

“I believe passionately in preserving our precious and vital NHS. That is why I am standing as a candidate for the National Health Action Party in Erdington ward in the local elections on May 7 2015. We have been let down by the main parties. Your vote for me can make a real difference.”



Tim has previously been a town councillor with responsibilities for planning (advisory only) and children’s play areas. He has been a governor of Thomas-Reade school for 4 years. He is a member of the Oxford University Hospitals Trust and is committed to protecting the most vital of public services – the NHS.

“If elected I will strive to continue to hold local politicians and NHS officials to account. I am representing the National Health Action Party to promote their wider aims of reversing the ideology of the market in our NHS and public services. Your vote can make a difference ."



Robert has lived his life on the Headland. He went to St Begas school, studied at English Martyrs, studied nursing, law and forensics locally in Teeside University. He knows the value of the provision of local services. He fought and prevented the closure of Greenfield Lodge Respite Care Home. He ought with your support & prevented the loss of the promenade. He has spent two decades in voluntary work to improve the lives of the people of this town.

“If elected I will strive to continue to hold local politicians and NHS officials to account. I am working with the Green Party and representing the National Health Action Party to promote their wider aims of reversing the ideology of the market in our NHS and public services. Your vote can make a difference . ”

Jayne Tattan - ROBY WARD


“I’ve been a Roby resident for 17 years and have lived most of my life in Knowsley. I’ve worked at Mersey television, on flagship programmes such as ‘Brookside’ and ‘Hollyoaks’. I am a dedicated community campaigner and I believe Roby residents deserve an alternative to the one-note Politics that has been on offer over the last 30 years. I will do my best to give a real voice to residents. I’m standing as a local councillor for the National Health Action Party because they stand for the same common decency beliefs I do. Your vote can make a difference . ”