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A vote for Neal Stote is a vote for Redditch and a vote for the NHS.


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Why Neal is standing up for the National Health Action Party

Neal has made Redditch his home for over 22 years. He has worked for the Borough Council as a Landscape Officer and Children's Environmental Education Officer. He now runs his own family business. Neal believes that a thriving community needs strong public services and strong local businesses.

Neal believes in Redditch. He has lived and worked in the town for over 22 years. He is a successful local business man employing in and around Redditch for the past 12 years. Prior to working within the family Business, he worked for the Borough Council as a Landscape Officer and Children’s Environmental Education Officer.

Neal Stote believes good health is at the heart of a thriving and successful community. Good health is underpinned by a strong social care system, and by investing in our children's education.

Neal has campaigned since 2005 for the Alexandra Hospital. Neal knows that our public services are the responsibility of our national government and that towns like Redditch are being badly let down. That's why he wants to take the fight straight to Westminster to give a voice to our constituency that it hasn't had for far too long. It has been overlooked in the interest of party politics.

Neal will continue to fight for excellent healthcare services throughout Redditch County, with a focus on the provision of acute services and mental health care.

The NHS is not a single issue, and it does not function in a vacuum. Housing, education, support for the unemployed, unwell and disabled, good employment opportunities combine to promote good health or make us ill. These are the "social determinants of health." When our people are healthy and cared for, then our whole nation and our whole economy is stronger.

Your vote for Neal is a vote for the NHS, for our children's health and education, for Redditch, not for huge corporate and party political interests.

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I live in Redditch, work in Redditch, employ people in Redditch and my children go to school in Redditch. I studied Countryside and Leisure Management at Stourbridge and Guildford based colleges before taking up employment with Redditch Borough Council as an Environmental Education Officer and then progressing to a Landscape Officer. I now work for my own family business which has its offices in Redditch. 
Neal Stote's personal statement

I love the Redditch community and have always been active within local life, most notably campaigning for my local hospital The Alexandra. I played a major part in retaining services at the hospital in 2008 after a 3 year fight to keep A&E, Maternity and Paediatrics. I have never given up my belief that The Alexandra Hospital must remain a fully functioning district general hospital and I have been fighting the latest proposed cuts since 2012.

Redditch deserves better; better health services; better schools; better housing and better politics. Redditch needs its own voice in Westminster - not one tamed by large party politics and their whips.

If it matters to Redditch, it matters to me.

On the 8th of June


Vote to put a voice for Redditch in parliament.
Vote to take the fight for a better Redditch to parliament.
Vote for a person who is free to represent you not just their party.


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