Mark Jarnell

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What matters to me in this election more than anything is getting the message across to everyone who will be voting that this is no ordinary election.

This is the election to save the NHS as we know it.

I am a volunteer first responder in the NHS. I work alongside the doctors, nurses and other staff who do amazing things every day, from holding the hand of a small child who is frightened because mummy isn’t well to saving lives in emergencies.

Here in Chorley and South Ribble we are fighting the terrible decision to downgrade the local hospital. Now the A&E service is closed we are having to travel further from home to find appropriate treatment. I have experience of working in the NHS. I witness first-hand the crippling distress caused by the cuts to services. And what is happening in Chorley is happening across the country.

The Sustainability and Transformation plans that are tearing up our national health service have been nicknamed the Slash, Trash and Privatise for very good reason because that is what is happening to our NHS.

I am convinced that it is down to the vested interests of our public officials, many of whom have shares in private healthcare, that has opened up the NHS and our public services to privatisation. It's time for the revolving door between Westminster and private healthcare and business is closed. And it's up to people like you and me to make that happen.

I used to be an Independent councillor but I chose to join the NHA party and represent them locally because they share my determination to protect all of our public services, to defend them against privatisation and to stand up for democratic accountability.

As a councillor within local government I stand up for the most vulnerable in our community. As an MP I will defend our public services and ensure the skills, knowledge and resources they need are always there. As an MP I will campaign for an end to politicians’ ties to private health companies and conflicts of interest.

I am proud of the NHS, which is the foundation stone of our society. The NHS treats everyone regardless of who you are or where you are from, but we are at risk of losing free care at the point of access regardless of where you are in the country. A properly funded and publicly owned NHS is vital to a thriving society.